Frequently asked questions

1. why tracking result showing me "not found"?

"not found" means that we did not find any information for that tracking number, we recommend that you double-check your tracking number first because it may be wrong or call the shipper in order to provide you with the correct number.

If the tracking number is correct, we recommend that you wait 1-3 days while the tracking information is available.

2. I didn't received my order, can I get my money back?

If you want to request for a refund, you must contact the seller (shipper) who shipped the parcel to you.

3. How can I change the shipping address?

You cannot change the shipping address if the shipment has already been sent. You can only wait for the package to reach your country, then submit the request to your local shipping carrier.

4. Why is my parcel stuck for a long time at somewhere?

If the tracking information for your shipment has not been updated, this means that the shipment is still on its way to the destination country, or the carrier has omitted to enter new tracking information.

There are some shipping methods that do not have the ability to track the shipment. In this case, please contact the sender (the person who sent you the shipment). The sender who has all the delivery information can also initiate a formal investigation of the location of your parcel with the carrier in his/her country.